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Premium EN

Unprecedented precision


Luxurious bone replicas made by hand from resins with special attention paid to quality, precision and durability of castings. These models have a natural color and mass that corresponds to human bones and of course every structure described in Terminologia Anatomica 2nd edition.

Highly detailed presentation of structures

Great durability

Feels like a real bone

We guarantee that Premium will provide you with access to every anatomical structure described in Terminologia Anatomica 2nd edition. No aterisks or marketing tricks – we wish the best specialists to take care of us, so we equip you with the most precise models to enhance your learning experience.

SkelReplica Premium are hand-crafted, extremely detailed models that provides you with the unique feeling of learning from the natural bone. By choosing Premium Set, your brain will be highly motivated by feeling almost like in dissecting room. Looking for the best model ever designed? You have finally found the one!



Premium Set

1000 €
  • Occipital
  • Parietal
  • Right temporal
  • Sphenoid
  • Frontal
  • Mandible
  • Maxilla and zygomatic en bloc
Looking for alternative?


MINI = the 2 most difficult human bones to study, sphenoid and temporal.

Mini Set

250 €
  • Right parietal
  • Sphenoid
I bought and what next?


The set will come to you in secured packaging that will protect the replicas during transport. We make every effort to ensure that the shipment is sent on the next day following your order. However, plan your order in advance, as in the absence of stock models, we will need up to 14 days to prepare and deliver them.

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